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   I almost don’t dare to put these on my web site, they sound too amazing. Many times I simply forget all those little stories which had in fact been considerable issues for the people concerned. That in itself is a major reason why I studied Bowen Therapy in the first place: it works almost always! Every now and then my clients remind me of the relief they have had. Some of them are happy to write about it, too:
From Shirley W - Hampton, Victoria:
    “I have been going to Wilma for a period of 6 years and I am very happy with the attention and results I have had from the Bowen Therapy treatments.
When I first started going for treatments I was “like concrete”, no movement

at all in the upper body, now I can move!

Nose: When I was very small, I fell and hit the bridge of my nose on the edge of the verandah and from then on I had a very heavy mucus discharge - until Bowen - now I have normal, very light discharge.
Back: I was hit from behind by a Volkswagen car several years ago and since then I have always had an aching back - I also carried a pregnancy from the back - after a few visits I don’t have any further problems.
Carpal Tunnel: I also had the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel (confirmed

by the medical Doctor) and again, after a couple of treatments I have had

no further trouble.
Metatarsals: I had such pain in my feet (confirmed by the medical Doctor) that I went to an Orthotic practitioner who made insoles and I had to purchase shoes to fit the insoles! - Again after a few visits all pain had gone and I didn’t need insoles or “Grandma Shoes”.
Knee: I have had a troublesome knee (Doctor has had a look at it and commented that it creaks - but did nothing) - Wilma has kept it going, it is not getting better, but is bearable.”

    (Just above the ankle, on the inside of one of her legs, Shirley has a skin graft almost as big as the palm of her hand. To start with, she could not bear me to touch it during treatment. She writes:)

    “Many years ago I had a lump removed from my leg and in those days surgery was very basic - the leg healed. Many years later, I scratched that scar on a bicycle pedal; however, this time the leg did not heal and necessitated a skin graft. I have always been aware of the scar and, using Bowen Therapy, Wilma has eased the sensitivity on the scar tissue. Now

I can touch it without jumping.”
From Jan H-J – Melbourne
    “Work was a place of woe – it was sick as an environment and I, even though happy by nature, was powerless to fix it. I became “infected” with

a burning pain in the neck, behind my knees and in my lower back.
    Knowing about Bowen Therapy through the help it had given a dear friend,

I made an appointment to see Wilma, his wife. She, too, is a dear friend.

I knew that Wilma had already worked what could only be described as miracles on many patients. So to her I went with my pain.

    Three treatments later: two days after the final session I awoke with

no pain for the first time in months. It has not returned. I also left the

unhealthy work environment some time later.

    All of those whom I have recommended to the healing hands of Wilma

(a racing car driver with supposedly incurable neck injuries, my sister with excruciating pain in her knee, a young man with severe back and knee pain,

a friend with ongoing exhaustion, accompanied by anxiety attacks and little relief from traditional (?[sic]) medicine) --- all cured by using the miraculous Bowen Therapy. It works.

    Some therapists are more skilled, gifted than others. Wilma is one of the gifted healers. I consider myself blessed to know her.
    She has brought so much relief and ongoing sound advice to others.”
From Sister R – Camberwell
    “I would like to tell you my story – an exciting one – about arthritis and Bowen Therapy.

Being a sufferer of severe osteo-arthritis, I was beginning to feel that the situation was rather hopeless, until a carer told me about Wilma Litter,

a Bowen Therapist. I did not know about such treatment, nor had I ever heard

of it. However, I was introduced to Wilma, and, at first sight, felt comfortable, confident and at ease. And so I began my journey with “Bowen”.

   I was unable to get on the table without a lot of help, and actually, I could

not do anything much at all.

   Wilma encouraged me, and so my journey is a happy one with music, laughs and gradually I have become much better – I can now get on to the table,

turn over, bend my knees, because Bowen Therapy is such a relief and Wilma such a wonderful therapist – so positive, reassuring and kind.

   All these attributes combine to make Bowen Therapy so worthwhile and

I cannot speak too highly of such treatment. Try it! and your life will be full

of hope again and your song will be a joyful one.”
   (Indeed, when Sister R came to me first, we had a very difficult time just getting her up onto the table. Turning over was – as she herself put it: “like turning over a lump of wood” – partly, because her legs just would not obey any command. Today, she turned over, using her legs purposefully to achieve it, without much fuss and what’s more: she didn’t even mention that “lump

of wood”! We have a lot of fun when she comes! – Wilma)


From Coral T – Brighton
    “Why has Bowen Therapy helped me? I don’t know! All I know is, it has!
Some years ago I received a brochure in my mail box – Bowen Therapy!

Never heard of it! But, it was close to where I live and I had a painful thigh.

   So off I went – I was impressed. Wilma explained things simply and proceeded to work on my body.

    The treatment was very gentle, even working on my painful thigh. After two treatments, I couldn’t believe it – it was no longer painful to get in and out

of my car or walk.
    A miracle, I thought..... no, not really: it’s Bowen!

That was several years ago. I now have a preventative treatment once a month, just to keep this 77-year-old body in shape!
    My lifestyle is very active and I find a monthly treatment keeps me feeling great! I would recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone.
    Why does Bowen work? I don’t know. – It simply does.”
   Coral is an extremely lively musician. She is always on the go!
I think the only time she will sit still is when she listens to a concert! On stage, she is a live-wire! Wilma)

From Coral T – Brighton

“See what Bowen does to you? This was yesterday at a show. I was playing Russian music.   Love, Coral”.

   (Coral, now nearly 80 (!), wrote the above-mentioned testimony quite some time ago.Then, about three years later, I received the e-mail above about what must have been a most lively performance indeed!! She included some photographs, which are worth sharing with you! This is what she said: – Wilma)


   "I have had chronic ankle pain for over five years when I tried Bowen Therapy. I have tried physiotherapy and massage with little improvement.

I am currently seeing a surgeon and have had cortisone injections, which didn’t significantly improve my ankle either.   

   My last resort is an operation with a 70% success rate, which I have now postponed. Bowen Therapy has certainly improved my ankle pain to some extent, but has also created a general feeling of well-being and improved circulation.”



From Paul L – Brighton

   “I was introduced to Bowen Therapy over five years ago, initially as

a form of relaxation – a way of creating a feeling of well-being in a busy

and stressful working life –– but quickly appreciated its wider application

to a range of physical ailments.   

Over the time that I have been a client of Wilma’s, I have found Bowen Therapy to have been particularly beneficial for back problems (too much tennis and golf), calf muscle tightness and shoulder pains, and to be noticably superior in terms of results than, for example, physiotherapy.

    In contrast to many remedial therapies, the treatment is extremely gentle, which makes its impact all the more remarkable. This approach augments the relaxed atmosphere that Wilma has carefully created, which produces a great feeling of well-being."
(I enjoy Paul’s visits, largely, because

he actively participates in his own recovery, which makes my job so easy, and also because he is a real “word smith”, taking great joy in observing quirky occurrences in language and in playing with words [i.e. "Your ego is not your amigo!"]  – Wilma)

From Stuart G – Mornington
   "My Story"
    “Let me tell you how I have managed to cope with a chronic illness.

If you have similar symptoms, you could find my story very helpful.

    I recall once trying to play a game of cricket with friends at the age

of 15. With much embarassment and physical pain, I managed a pathetic bowl of the ball that never reached the batsman.

    Going on to university, getting around the campus was a challenge –

I was usually late to class.  If I stood up in the tram, I’d get shooting pains in my legs when the tram started or stopped.

    What could I do about this? I saw an orthopaedic surgeon, who observed that I had a scoliosis – a bend in the spine that shouldn’t

be there. I could get surgery in a few years time, but for now I had to put

up with it.
I then saw a spinal specialist. He ran his fingers up and down my spine and said he couldn’t see a problem. Why?

    Just weeks previously I had seen Wilma Littler for a Bowen Therapy treatment. With just some massage on the muscles either side of the spine, my back had straightened significantly.
    Of course, I needed to adjust to the new shape of my back, so I still didn’t walk properly for a little while. I needed to be re-adjusted monthly, because of the bad way I was still walking. But the fact is that it straightened my back.

    What’s it like now?
    I live a very busy life – walking, standing and sitting. I can jog, and crawling in the roof is no problem. Even heavy lifting is a breeze. Because I now walk properly, I only need a treatment every 6 months or so.
    I’ve been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an autoimmune inflammatory condition. I hate to think of the state I’d be in, trying to manage this with the scoliosis as well!

    My circumstances may be different to yours. But I am now convinced, that if you have a scoliosis or a similar condition, an appointment with

a qualified Bowen Therapist could change your life.”
(Stuart’s story is quite a remarkable one and I shall remember it for a long time to come. Stuart became actively involved in his own recovery and the results were astonishing indeed. Both of us took great delight in every step forward. Tom Bowen may no longer be around, but he is certainly still leaving his mark! – Wilma)

From S S – Bentleigh
    “I have been going to Wilma Littler for Bowen Therapy for a few years now. My problems were
        1.) my neck was feeling stiff, has always been an issue
        2.) my whole body used to feel stiff and inflexible.
My lower back was very sore, I had difficulty getting in and out of a car and even getting out of a chair was very painful.
Since I have been seeing Wilma, I feel a lot more comfortable with my whole body. Before, I couldn't relax and found it very difficult to “let go”, but now I can relax and soften my body.
I had tried many things before:    Acupuncture
                                                     You name it, I tried it!
Some of those were successful, but they took a long time to work and then they only worked for a short time. Since Bowen Therapy, my body seems to fix itself. I still see Wilma every so often for ”maintenance”.
Even my attitude has changed: I now do things that I would never have done before. I have found the thing that fixed me up!”

(Well, not quite; the credit still goes to Tom Bowen. It is still his legacy

and without it, this patient would not have come to see me! – Wilma)


From Charni P – Noble Park 

   “I have been going to Wilma for a few of years now ever since my back went into spasm and I couldn’t move! Wilma got me back (ha ha) on track and I have not had a spasm since. Previously, I had been getting neck or back spasms a few times a year for 8 years. As I am young, this was very frustrating.

  I am a belly dance instructor (, so my body needs to be in peak physical condition. I see Wilma regularly for tune-ups as I always feel so much better in the long run. She also treated me throughout my pregnancy to keep my body strong and healthy to carry the “extra load”.

(For some years, this client came for maintenance regularly. The frequency of her visitis was incrementally extended and now she only needs to come when required. – Wilma.)

I highly recommend Wilma as she is dedicated and passionate in helping people find optimal health. She has absolute integrity and I trust her warm and matter of fact manner to always get to the heart of the problem and recommend what is best."

(Belly dancing I consider to be helpful for most people. It is a very physical and enjoyable activity. To my way of thinking, moving the hips and abdomen seems closely related to lymph drainage. It is said, that the abdomen with all the abdominal muscles involved is “the pump of the lymph system” – and the lymph system is “our rubbish removal system”. Therefore: quite apart from being a lot of fun and a nice way to meet with people, would it not stand to reason that belly dancing is actually good for you, too? – Wilma)

From Gaye – Bayside
   (I have known Gaye for 16 years now and she comes for Bowen Therapy “on and off”. She is in her late eighties.

   She told me she was feeling very low: lethargic, tired – she often didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the mornings. Aches and pains were creeping in; she felt worn out and just -- unhappy.
“I’m beginning to feel like an old woman!” she exclaimed!
Gaye received some lymphatic drainage “to get rid of her rubbish” and  just to give her body a chance to build up again. When she left, I could see in her eyes that she felt better and already she had somewhat of a spring in her step.

  Seven days later she came for a top-up. She told me, she had felt more energetic:
“I actually WANTED to go for a walk the day after that treatment a week ago! – It’s great... life’s easier.”

   It seems, we were on the right track, so we did another lymph drainage session and afterwards I received the following email from Gaye: – Wilma)

   “Just  thought you should hear this: This afternoon I phoned a man

we have known for 45 years and after both of us chatting for a few minutes he said, ‘Who is this?’
I laughed and said it was Gaye and he said, ‘You sound about 36 years old. What have you been doing?’
   Seems to me you could use this in your advertising.
   Take a bow, that was a great treatment yesterday.
From A C – Bentleigh
   (10. October 2008) This was a verbal account of what happened:

A’s husband had knocked his knee quite hard. It was badly bruised and quite painful. He applied the Leaf Wintergreen Lotion twice –

she did not hear him complain about it again! – Wilma)
From N M – Elwood

   “I have had poor circulation in my legs and varicosities [swelling, turning and twisting of veins], which have become large over the years. I was just tired and worn out with a lot of muscular stiffness. I had been committed to chiropractic for six months, then acupuncture for another six, but was not getting the movement and release in the legs. Then Wilma was recommended to me and after my first treatment I noticed lightness and movement and a fresher feeling after a few days

of integration. So I booked another treatment.

   I was properly hydrating myself now and after the second treatment had an unexpected result: Two days later I found myself taking a 10km walk with energy to burn. Posturally I felt strong, the muscles softened and the mind was calm. I could feel my organs sitting correctly and optimism increased. I can see that my body will start to take back it’s correct and natural form. The relief is profound.
   Many thanks, NM”

From Ruth C – Malvern
   “I want to tell you I felt so totally energised for the next two days, it was great! And people stopped to talk to me about serious problems in their life and I was able to totally listen and I actually think, that I gave them some really nice words of ....... [comfort?] and maybe even advice.

So it was just a great day. Everything went totally right for the next two days. It was just swell and was calm and peaceful inside. So you made quite a difference to my life.

   So, I am looking forward to Tuesday!
   Alright, love, thanks!”

"Calm Seas And Prosperous Voyage"

Photography: © Wilma Littler

   (This was a message left on my answering machine some years ago,

and it reflects what people tell me on and off after their repsective treatments. This lady had cancer and was receiving chemotherapy.

She had had her first Bowen Therapy treatment three days before

she left the above message. She was as calm as anything and still helping other people.

   She continued to have treatments on a regular basis, because despite

of her serious illness, she always felt so much better after a treatment.

Just about all of my clients with cancer report the same.


   Having said this, Bowen Therapy could not make her cancer disappear

and a few weeks before she passed away, she moved back to her home town in the USA to be with her family.  – Wilma.)


From I S – Cheltenham 

   This gentleman gave me permission to publish these photographs and

I submitted them for inclusion in the newletter of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia: 

   "The changes documented below and created by the use of Bowen Therapy are very encouraging – for the therapist AS WELL AS THE CLIENT!!


   It created such an impressive and rapid improvement in this patient, that I consider it worthwhile for others to know about it.Needless to say, that the patient was over the moon about it. Several months later, he is still talking about it and gave me permission to send these photos in for possible publication.


   He came in being very stooped. His typical posture was bent forward from the waist, shoulders pulled forward, holding up his head as well

as he could and supporting himself with his hands on his pelvis, just above the buttocks.

After the psoas moves

Before treatment

At the end of the treatment

The treatment was very simple:

1.    Because he was leaning forward from the waist, I decided to treat

       the psoas (our “loin”).

2.    and then a lower body treatment (legs & pelvis), with special

       emphasis on the “Happy Feet” procedure, as taught by Maggie

       Lindop (Bowen Therapist in Hobart). 

From Christine S – Williamstown
   “Before Bowen Therapy with Wilma, I would regularly experience back pain that was occasionally quite debilitating. I find by having treatment once a month, I am free of severe  pain. I also find that my body is able to completely relax and I often fall into a light sleep [during a treatment]. Given my stressful work and family commitments, I find this a bonus.
   Wilma often suggests helpful techniques to use to overcome any

pain that might crop up before my next visit and these always work.

I love that she is into holistic therapies and I have obtained chips to place on my phones to stop radiation entering my head and that of

my family. She has a wealth of products from Manuka Honey to Krill Oil, which she sells at [practically] cost price plus the postage to help

to promote wellness.”
From Vicki M – Brighton
   “I am happy for you to use my testimonial:
   Wilma Littler’s Bowen and Dorn Therapy treatment combination has restored my frozen shoulders to flexibility and has enabled me to recommence exercise.  Despite both my doctor and physiotherapist’s negative prognosis, Wilma’s treatment over a period of 4 months gradually restored almost full movement to both of my shoulders, and without having to undergo painful injections.
   And better still, her analysis of the longstanding problem with my posture (over more than 30 years) has assisted me to improve my overall health and fitness.  I could not recommend her treatment more.  Many thanks!”

From Melanie L - East Doncaster
   (My summary of Melanie’s story. – – Melanie came to me only for one session of treatment. At the time she could not sleep on her side, her belly had to be supported. Her lower back didn’t “feel right”. She had become quite despondent. Since a year and a half before, she had

had treatment on her lower back, which in fact had made her situation worse to the point, that she could not sit properly, couldn’t sit on the floor on her heels, her muscles were in spasm and she had difficulties urinating.
   Just like with the genleman above, I treated the psoas muscle (the “fillet” if we’d talk in butchers’ terms! or "loin" in sheep and people's terms!!) and showed her what I call the Pubic Bone Rub. I applied Dorn Spinal Therapy and showed  her how to apply it herself.
Six days later, she rang me full of excitement:
“I have fixed myself!”
    During her treatment she had been given much explanation about Bowen Therapy and Dorn Spinal Therapy. While that had helped,

she told me, she had been thinking about all of these things and had come to the following conclusion for her situation: “This morning

I thought, that if I can put my back OUT while being in a particular position or making a particular movement, then THAT would perhaps

be the position/movement in which you can put it back IN.” And she did!
   She remembered how she had put her back out, applied the principles of Dorn Spinal Therapy as we had discussed them, and

(her words:) “CLICK! AND FIXED! NO PAIN!”
   She was so excited about it all, that she came to show me how she

had done it. Without trouble, she sat on the floor, with her legs bent

and sitting on her heels. She had not been able to do this for 18 months! – Wilma)

From Giovanna I – Cheltenham

   “When I was told about Bowen Therapy, I went with hesitation and because I was desperate. I had such a bad back, that I couldn’t walk. Many years ago I had been in a serious car accident and had many injuries. Praise the Lord, I recovered quite well, but I was left with a

bad neck pain. I did go to a physiotherapist, but she didn’t do much good, so I didn’t have much faith in any kind of massage or therapy.

   So, imagine my surprise when, with only a couple of sessions with Wilma, she gave me my life back.
Now I can move freely without pain, so I can recommend Bowen Therapy with confidence.”

From Leigh H – Beaumaris

   “Acting on a referral from am acquaintance, I met with Bowen Therapist Wilma Littler regarding my concern with my left thigh and knee. This was after two-and-a-half years of physiotherapy, which had proven fruitless.

   Wilma’s holistic approach, beginning with unbinding my feet and ankles created some immediate relief and gave me confidence in the Therapy. Subsequent visits and Wilma’s willingness to educate and thoroughly explain all options have seen significant improvement in my overall physical well-being, particularly my posture.

   As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending Wilma Littler’s  Bowen Therapy Practice.”

 From Glenn R – Dingley

   “To Whom It May Concern:
   After having lower back trouble off and on for the last ten years

or more and going to chiropractors, physios, osteopaths and also having regular massages I found not much relief. Sometimes it seemed to help, but after a short time the pain and tension would return.

   Then, after reading an article in one of the lift-out sections of the Sunday paper, I read an article on Bowen Therapy and thought it might be able to help me. I looked up a local practitioner in my area, so I went to see Wilma Littler.

   Since seeing Wilma, I have felt a lot better, the muscles in my back are a lot more relaxed and generally I feel a lot better all over.

Wilma gave me some very basic and easy exercises to do every day, which are not hard to stick to. I feel with regular maintenance visits

I should be able to look forward to being pain free and a happy person indeed.”

From Pauline L – Dandenong North

   “I would like you all to know what Bowen Therapy has done for me.
   I am 64 years old. Since the age of 56 I have suffered terrible back and left leg pain, making it impossible for me to do every-day-things.

The doctor sent me to physio, which only made things unbearable.

I had to give up my job at 60 years as I was unable to work anymore. Two years ago I had a back operation and that didn’t make things better. Spent more time in bed as I was on heavy pain tablets.

   A friend of mine told me about Bowen Therapy treatment. Naturally,

I gave it a go as anything is worth a go. I started going twice a week

to begin with, then once, until now I go once every five weeks. I am walking without a frame, I can vacuum and wash my own floors, which hasn’t been possible for a few years. I can’t do all at once, but

[doing it] in little bits is better than not doing it.

Also, I go to exercise classes. All the girls there cannot believe the difference in the way I am walking plus being able to get up and out

of bed by myself. I really thank my friend and advise anyone to give

it a go.”

From Tony B – Mentone

   “At the age of ten, I suffered a fractured jaw during a football game, which resulted in severe migraines and neck pain. I was treated with a wide variety of modalities – all with little positive effect.

   By the time I was 27, I was in a mess: the migraines, the back and neck pain prevented me from leading a full life.

   A friend suggested Bowen Therapy.
   It worked! Even after the first treatment I felt dramatically better than

I had ever felt before. I felt taller and nearly pain free!

   This was the only therapy that had really made any worthwhile difference. I have experienced it myself. I know it works. –

So: I decided to learn it.
The International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT) was the school

of my choice. I completed their Foundation Course and achieved “Proficiency”. Subsequently I participated in the ISBT Advanced Course “The Next Step” and I continue to communicate with other Bowen Therapists, exchanging ideas and refining techniques.

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