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Leaf Special Products

The products I sell and/or promote are some of those which

I consider to be “good and wholesome”. They are products

which I think more people should know about so that they can

follow up these ideas with their own reading, research or logic.
To the left in the Menu I have grouped these products.

You can click on them to find prices, descriptions and my thoughts regarding them.
• To order any products, please click on the Contact Me  button

in the Main Menu and place your order either by phone or email.

You may pay
            •  in cash
            •  by cheque (payable to Wilma Littler)
            •  by electronic transfer (I will supply account details   

               when you need them).
• For mail orders, postage costs will be passed on to you. The postage varies with the destination, therefore, please supply me with

a mailing address – – or you can pick up at no extra cost.

Overview of Prices:

Prices may change at any time without notice.

Leaf Essential Oils, 10ml bottles

  • Lemon               $8

  • Lavender           $10

  • Geranium          $10

  • Tea Tree            $10

  • Peppermint        $10

  • Rosemary          $10

  • Bergamot           $10

  • Wintergreen       $10

  • Ylang Ylang       $12

Leaf Wintergreen Lotion              

30ml  – $6

60ml  –  $8            

120ml  –  $12

Leaf Foot Lotion                             

30ml  – $6             
60ml –  $8

Leaf Bunion Cream

30ml  – $12

Manuka Honey from New Zealand

500gr – $28

Magnesium Oil

250ml in spray bottle – $12

powder without spray bottle – $10

Krill Oil from Antarctica

Currently out of stock, bulk buys are difficult to find.

50 capsules –

100 capsules –

I only buy Antarctic Krill Oil and I purchse the capsules in bulk, so use or bring your own pill container.

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