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Krill Oil

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During the past one or two decades Krill Oil has become a much more widely used supplement – and with good reason:

My understanding is, that Krill Oil is a one of the best sources of antioxidants. When iron becomes old, it will oxidise – rust.

Our bodies also oxidise. That process promotes ageing and

ill-health. To slow down this process, we can eat food with a high level of antioxidants or take appropriate supplements.

It provides a very clean supply of omega-3 fatty acids, protective phospholipids and antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants can be determined by the ORAC-Value, which is a standard test and internationally accepted.

The ORAC-Value in Krill Oil is very high (378µmol/gram) compared to other sources, like

  • Vitamin A (1.25µmol/gram)

  • Vitamin E (1.25µmol/g)

  • Fish Oil (8µmol/g)

  • Co-Enzyme 10 (11µmol/g)

  • however, Krill Oil has a value of 378µmol/g!

ORAC-Value Chart

Many studies show that it is a very effective – and natural – anti-inflammatory. My own clients report great improvements with their arthritic or osteo-arthritic conditions.

Krill are small, prawn-like creatures and are one of the very first links in the food-chain in the sea. That means, that krill is practically not contaminated by having eaten already polluted fish, shellfish

or the like. Who knows what really is in the fish we eat for dinner....?

The absence of pollutants and the incredibly high ORAC-Value make this product stand out.

The capsules are consumer-friendly: small, easy to swallow and they have practically

no fish-taste.


The Krill Facts Centre website states:

Krill are zooplankton invertebrates that float in huge swarms in oceans all over the world. These swarms are sometimes reaching such densities that they can turn the surface of the ocean pinkish-red.

Euphausia superba krill are the most common krill, found mostly in the waters of the Antarctic. Euphausia krill are at the very bottom of the food chain and can only be found in the pristine oceans around Antarctcia, where there is very limited accumulation of contaminants.

The capsules are consumer-friendly: in most instances they are small, easy to swallow and they have practically no or minimal  fish-taste.

There is an abundant amount of information on Krill Oil on the internet.

If you type into your search engine

I buy Krill Oil capsules in bulk,

so if you like to purchase Antarctic Kril Oil in capsules,

you can get in touch with me regarding the price

by clicking Contact Me regarding a price.

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