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Manuka Honey

Price:  500 gr: $28

Honey has been a great remedy for healing for many centuries

in many cultures. Many of us don't know this any more, but when

I first became aware of it, I excitedly told my brother. He was a beekeeper and he simply replied: "Whenever I have injuries,

I always treat them with honey."

All kinds of honey have these healing properties, but Manuka Honey helps to heal wounds particularly well. Not just external injuries, but internal ones as well. One of my clients told me, she had had duodenal ulcers and she said she was certain, that

it was the Manuka Honey which had been instrumental in getting rid of the ulcers.

Another client told me of her ulcers in the large intestine – and yes, while she could not be absolutely certain, that the Manuka Honey "fixed it", she was convinced that it was so.

A gentleman had oesophageal ulcers, which the treating gastroenterologist kept a keen eye on. Every few months this patient had a gastroscopy for another complaint i.e. reflux, and each time the ulcers' condition were stated. Nexium did not appear to make any difference.

Then the gentleman began to take a teaspoon of Manuka Honey three times a day as well as when he felt reflux. Three months later another gastroscopy: "Oesophageal ulceration steady."

Another three months later another gastroscopy: "No ulceration evident."

Manuka flowers.

Manuka and Tea Trees are closely related.

A friend of mine had scratched her lower leg ever so slightly on a piece of coral while on holidays in Queensland. It was just

a small, seemingly insignificant scratch, but even weeks later,

it just would not heal. She had to consult her GP.

When her doctor heard about "that little scratch", she became – as my friend described it – "very busy indeed", prescribed three different lots of antibiotics to be taken immediately and unfailingly and my friend had to return for wound dressings several times.

During that period she told me about it and I asked her, whether she had used honey on her leg. "No," she replied. I suggested to ask her GP about it. The next appointment was only a few days later: "What do you think about Manuka Honey for treatment?"

The GP looked at her, smiled and said: "What do you think I have put on?", walked over to the shelf and came back with – – –

a jar of Manuka Honey!!

So, there is a lot to be said for Manuka Honey.

And it is ever so nice on a piece of bread!

Originally, Manuka Honey came from New Zealand. These days we can purchase Manuka Honey produced in Australia and other countries, too. I only buy Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Australian soil is different to that in New Zealand – so (rightly or wrongly) I "go to the horse's mouth" and use honey from the place of origin.


I also make sure that it is NOT a blend.

I usually keep Manuka Honey from New Zealand in the cupboard for my clients and sell it close to the price

I buy it for. The cost varies often with

the season, so drop me a line

with regard to the best

price of pure New Zealand

Manuka Honey.

Please click on Contact Me

to get in touch with me.

Want to know more?

•    Dr Peter Molan from the University of Waikato published

the attached article on Manuka Honey It is well worth reading.

Please click on:

"What is special about active Manuka Honey?"

To find out more about Manuka Honey, please google:

  • Effects of Manuka Honey”, or

  • “Healing properties of Manuka Honey”,

  • Manuka Honey Wound Care”,

  • “Ulcers and Manuka Honey”

  • or similar topics such as "What is UMF or MGO?"

Price:  500 gr: $28

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